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Newark Evangelical Church – Who are we?

The “church” is not the building but the people. We are a community of people living in and around Newark-on-Trent who trust in Jesus Christ alone (not in our own goodness) for eternal salvation, and who in gratitude to God seek to serve Him and to be a blessing to others around us.

The church is independent of any organised Christian denomination, acknowledging Christ alone as the Head of the Church, but enjoys fellowship across denominational divides with many other congregations of evangelical conviction, and is a member of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

We are led by a team of two elders, both of whom work full-time as Pastors; these between them are responsible for pastoral care and the main teaching/preaching ministry of the church. A team of deacons is accountable for the material and financial aspects of the church’s work. Other members carry responsibility for the leadership of specific activity areas such as youth and children’s ministry.

Where do we meet?

ChurchBuildingIn the early days of the Christian church believers met in private homes. In many parts of the world that is still the practice, especially where there is persecution of Christians and church buildings are disallowed.

We, however, are greatly privileged to have religious liberty – something for which we are grateful, which was not always the case in past centuries, and the future of which should never be taken for granted. We have a good building in a prominent position on one of the main roads into the town. It has served us well for the past thirteen years.

We meet in what used to be the town’s fire station. Many years ago it was converted into offices and then later into accommodation for our Newark Evangelical Church congregation. The former engine repair pit is now the baptistry, and we thank God that in recent years it has been in frequent use.

The main auditorium seats around 100 people. For a long time this was adequate, but there have been several occasions in the recent past when we have wished for more space. Upstairs are facilities for our children’s and youth activities, and the pastor’s office. Downstairs behind the pulpit is the recently refurbished kitchen, which allows us to cater for refreshments after services and for other events.

At the other end of the building is a creche facility allowing parents with very young children to listen to the Sunday morning services without worrying that their babies are distracting others in the congregation.

Whether you live in the town, in the countryside around, or are visiting the area, you will be made welcome. We would love to see you.