Home Groups, Prayer and Bible Study at NEC

What do we do?

Thursday evenings offer another chance for us to meet all together as a church (at the Pelham street building) or in smaller home groups around the town. Although topics and venues vary, the central focus for all of our Thursday night meetings will be prayer and Bible study. Whether it’s a home group, mission meeting or communion service it’s a time to encourage and build each other up in the faith and to lift up those who need our prayers.

What’s on and when?

Our current Thursday night pattern is as follows:

1st Thursday – Mission update & prayer meeting (at Pelham Street)

2nd Thursday – Homegroups

3rd Thursday – Prayer and communion (at Pelham Street)

4th Thursday – Homegroups

5th Thursday (where relevant) – Prayer and bible study (at Pelham Street)

Just occasionally, we may have to change the programme at short notice, so if you are new to the church or have never been to a Thursday meeting or home group before, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email just to make sure the meeting in question is on and for information about the most suitable home group for you. Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you sometime.