Toddler Group Newark on Trent


Are you looking for a Toddler group in Newark? If you are a parent, grandparent or child minder with small children, you are very welcome to join us every Wednesday during term times. The group is well established and situated in the heart of Newark – just a few minutes walk from the centre of town. We’ve been running for more than 15 years now and it’s a very friendly group, hosted by volunteers who attend either Newark Evangelical Church or Fernwood Community Church. Please feel free to join us and you may even make some new friends while the children have fun.

Who is it for?

Although essentially a group aimed at toddlers, you’re welcome to bring along babies too. We’ve also had children stay with us right up until they are about to start school, so there’s plenty of time for the children to make some new friends.


When and where do we meet?

Our official start time is 9:30 am every Wednesday morning (during term time), although some arrive a little earlier after they have dropped off other children at school and we finish at 11:30 am. We have a book for signing in and out, so it’s just a case of signing in on arrival and out when you leave. This not only helps to provide us with a register in case of a fire drill but it also helps us to learn names – especially if we’ve forgotten them!

Our main doors do open onto a main road (and remain closed for safety), so just ring the doorbell when you are ready to come in and someone will be on hand to greet you.

We meet in the NEC (Newark Evangelical Church) building which is situated on the corner of Pelham Street and Portland Street. To give you some context, the Asda car park is just a few hundred yards away, so we really are quite central which is particularly useful if you need to do things in town on the same day.

What do we do?

There’s always lots for the children to do, keeping them happily entertained throughout the morning. There are lots of toys (plenty to go around) set out in different zones of the main hall. There’s also our very popular craft table with things to make and do, where we also try to link each particular craft with the featured story of the day.

10:30am is story time – Set up in a different room of the building, we invite the children and carers to come and enjoy the story. Some of the exciting stories are taken from the Bible.

11:00am is music time – Another very popular time where the children can get as involved as much as they like, playing musical instruments and singing some favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

Special birthday treats – we remember birthdays and make sure every birthday boy or girl receives a small gift and a tasty slice of cake to take home!

Refreshments throughout the morning – There’s plenty of tea and coffee available for the adults and we also break out the hot chocolate when it’s particularly cold! There are cold drinks for the little ones and plenty of tasty morsels too in the shape of toast, fruit & biscuits – ensuring energy levels are sustained all morning. We do politely ask that food and drinks are consumed in the kitchen area for the health and safety of everyone and to keep those toys as minty fresh as possible! There are plenty of chairs here and we set up a table where the children can sit and enjoy their drinks together.

What does it cost?

We try to keep costs to an absolute minimum, so we simply suggest a donation of £1 per family (per week) and this helps to keep everything running smoothly and contributes to the refreshments, birthday gifts and energy bills for the building. Please note that if you are not able to contribute, you are still more than welcome to attend.

We look forward to seeing you soon!