Church Leadership – Elders and Deacons

The overall leadership of the church rests with a team of elders and deacons, while other church members take responsibility for specific aspects of the work. We recognise the importance, whenever possible, of having a team of competent and spiritually qualified elders responsible for the spiritual leadership of the local church, rather than a single minister, so that their various gifts and abilities can complement one another. We believe that this follows a Biblical pattern.


Currently we have three elders – two are also pastors (salaried – made possible by the freewill donations of members and friends of the church).

Andrew Miller serves full-time as pastor, having joined the church as assistant pastor in 2015.  He was previously a pastoral assistant at TCM Baptist Church in Lincoln and before that a journalist at the Newark Advertiser. He completed the Proclamation Trust Cornhill Training Course in 2014, followed by two further years of study on the PT Cornhill+ course. Andrew is married to Sarah and they have two children, they moved to Newark in 2015.

Carl Meachem serves part-time as a pastor, having previously been an evangelist with the Open Air Mission and assistant pastor at Bethel Evangelical Church, Leicester, following studies at London Bible School. Carl is a family man with three children, and has been pastor at NEC since moving to Newark in 2001. A major focus of his ministry in Newark has been to strengthen and expand evangelistic outreach and teaching of the faith to new Christians. The church’s current activities reflect these priorities.

Geoff Wicker is also an Elder, leading various ministries including Meeting Place and Pastoral care.


The material, financial and legal aspects of the church leadership are in the hands of a dedicated and hard-working team of deacons. They are the Trustees of the registered charity, Newark Evangelical Church Trust


Specialist areas of activity are the responsibility of different members of the church. Eventually we hope to be able to include pages on this web site explaining these. They include:

  • Children, Youth and Young Adult activities
  • Women’s Bible Study and Women’s Prayer Fellowship
  • Christian literature and evangelistic publicity
  • Bible education courses and special programmes
  • Overseas mission relationships
  • Biblical comment on public policy issues
  • Social involvement