Christmas Events, Services & Activities at Newark Evangelical Church 2018

Let’s check out all of the Christmas church services, events and activities happening at Newark Evangelical Church (Newark on Trent) and Fernwood Community Church for 2018.

Christmas and the weeks leading up to it are always very busy times in the life of NEC. There’s the services and activities themselves and also all of the preparation that goes on behind the scenes to make these events the best they can be. As soon as December rolls around, you will hear talk and see promotions of Christmas church services and things to do at NEC and there really is a little something for everyone and all age groups.


Christmas Crafts for Kids Club & Xplorers – Friday 7th December

On Friday 7th December, the Kids Club and Xplorers teams get the NEC Christmas season started with an evening of Christmas crafts and chill out – don’t worry, the heating WILL be on – it’s not that kind of chill out! It’s a great time for the kids and young people to get festive and creative all at the same time. If you’ve never been to one of NEC’s Friday night clubs before, it’s a perfect time to come along, have some fun and make some new friends. As always there will be refreshments for everybody and it’s always rounded off with a short talk about something in the Bible. The night starts at 6pm for Kids Club and 7:30pm for Xplorers.


A Conversation Café Christmas – Wednesday 12th December

On 12th December at 7:30pm the Conversation Café team gets into the Christmas spirit with a festive flavoured event. Whether you’re a CC regular or it’s your first time, it’s a chance to bring in some favourite Christmas/Celebration food from whichever country you’re from and sample the tasty treats others bring too. Our meetings are always fairly relaxed and informal but with Christmas coming, it’s a chance to get to know each other a little better and help each other in any way we can. If you’ve ever wondered why Christians make such a big deal of Christmas, Pastor Andrew will be around to give a short talk, explaining just that. All food and drinks will be completely free and everyone is welcome!

Christmas Party for Kids Club & Xplorers – Friday 14th December

With just 11 sleeps until Christmas Day, it’s certainly not too early for a Christmas party! We can do better than that though – how about two Christmas parties on the same night? That’s right, at 6pm the Kids Club Christmas Party gets under way followed at 7.30pm with the Xplorers party. There will be plenty of fun, plenty of food as well as a few calmer minutes to think about the real meaning of Christmas.

Family Services at Pelham Street & Fernwood Community Church – Sunday 16th December

We host family services every month but with it being December, these services will have a Christmas theme and many of the children, who normally head off to their Seekers Sunday school classes, will be taking part during the service. So, children, please don’t forget to come! This is a great chance for parents, especially those who have perhaps never been to one of our church services before, to come along, be in an informal, relaxed environment, see your kids taking part at the front and to feel very proud! Both the Pelham Street and Fernwood services start at 10:30am. All are welcome.

Prayer & Communion – Thursday 20th December

This service is a lovely opportunity to quieten our hearts and minds as we pray for one another as well as gathering around the Lord’s Table for a time of communion. Christmas may celebrate the birth of Jesus but without His death and resurrection, Christmas would be no celebration at all. So, this is a chance just a few days before Christmas, to reflect, remember and give thanks to our Lord and Saviour. 7:45pm start.

Carols by Candlelight – Saturday 22nd December

Our annual carol service is a favourite for many in the church and for visitors too. We dim the lights, light the candles and sing a host of familiar carols as the music group leads us in a wonderful time of worship. After we have sung our hearts out we are more than ready for hot tea, coffee and festive treats which are served in the kitchen. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to join us at 7:30pm.

Family Christmas Crafts & Carols – Sunday 23rd December (Fernwood Community Church)

Our Family Christmas Crafts and Carols will be taking place at Fernwood Village Hall at 3pm. Everyone is welcome but young families in particular will find lots to enjoy with Christmas crafts, songs and stories, so lots for both parents and children to get involved in. After this service, there’s plenty of time to chat, get to know each other a bit better and enjoy some tasty food and drinks.

Christmas Day Service – Tuesday 25th December at 10am

By 10am, you’ve probably opened most of your presents, eaten half of your selection box and the turkey dinner is coming along beautifully, so it’s a great time to pause for a short while and remember why we are celebrating Christmas at all. We’ll sing some carols and listen to a short Christmas message. There will also be a collection and prayers for Christians in other countries who do not enjoy the same freedom and privileges that we do (find out more at Barnabas Fund website). Everyone is welcome to join us, so please come and say hello on Christmas morning. The kids are also welcome to bring some of the new gifts they excitedly unwrapped a few hours ago!


A Pause for thought

So, as you can see from all of the activities above, it’s a time of fun, food and friends as well as singing carols but above all, for Christians it’s a time for remembering and rejoicing. That’s because 2,000 years ago, the greatest gift of all – the Light of the world – came to live among us as a human being (John 1:9, 14). Thirty three years after His birth, Jesus was crucified and died on a cross for the sins of the whole world. However, just three days after that His tomb lay empty because Jesus rose from the dead, conquering the curse of death once and for all and paving the way for humankind to be redeemed through His sacrifice. The Bible also says that believing in and following Jesus grants all who do so, eternal life and that’s why God sending His Son into the world is the greatest gift ever! (John 3:16).

If you want to know more about the real reason there is a Christmas season at all, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you. If you want to read more about what Christians believe and why, feel free to check out Christianity Explored

Unless stated, all services at the NEC Pelham Street building.

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