Christmas Message 2011

Copy of Christmas Message submitted as a peice amongst other church leaders in the local newspaper:

I love to see the children in our Church family at Christmas time and always! We’ve been blessed with new little ones this year. I have three children myself and I know that it is a daunting joy to bring them up. There’s so much you naturally want to protect them from; so much you want to give them.

For those who love children, this time of year is delightful. To see happy wonder in a child’s face is priceless. Christmas is about a child: The Son of God who became an infant and lived in a family on the Earth he had created! One of the great things about childhood is the sense of simplicity. As adults, we know that life isn’t so simple as we once thought. Between childhood and the complex adult world are the entangling sins of jealousy, greed, lies and hurt; some against us and some from us. Christmas should move us back towards that simplicity of childhood because the Child of Bethlehem came to bring forgiveness. God’s grace, at the cost of the Cross, clears the decks, puts us right with our Maker and enables us to make a childlike and guilt-free start.

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